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Road Bike Tours Italy was set up thanks to a desire to share our appreciation of the beautiful landscapes, history and culture which Italy offers together with a passion for cycling.

With our Professional Team we are specialized in Bike Tour and Cultural Luxury Tour!

RoadBikeToursItaly was set up thanks to a desire to share our appreciation of the beautiful landscapes, history and culture which Italy offers together with a passion for cycling. Our mission is to make sure that your road bike tour in Italy is a memorable experience, cycling among some of the best countryside in the world, with local personalized assistance to guarantee absolute peace of mind.

To ensure optimal service Road Bike Tours Italy is totally focused on attention to detail.

So we’ve chosen to organize trips only for small groups (max. 7 persons). Since we wish to take care of our customers personally, right from when you get in touch with us and throughout the entire trip, we prefer to personalize our attention by taking care of just a few participants.

The constant presence of a minibus, both for the transport of your luggage, and for any type of assistance that may be required, and the presence of a technical guide cycling alongside you, guarantee customer satisfaction and confidence.

Luca and Michela personally take care of each phase, both during the organization stage and the tour itself, studying the best routes, providing support, interacting with the cyclist on the road at all times: this is a new and original approach that allows us to offer high standards of service and to ensure full and complete reliability for a carefree vacation.

The choice of the best hotels and agritourisms, where you can enjoy delicious local dishes, dinners at acclaimed restaurants and pleasant evenings with the rest of the group and your Italian guide LUCA, who speaks excellent English, will be the background to this unique and unforgettable experience, and ensure that you get a taste of the real Italy, which ordinary larger tour companies cannot provide.

Our considerable experience in all types of cycling, also at a competitive level, the perfect knowledge of the territory thanks to years of traveling and previous work experience provided the ideal starting point to start an organized road bike tour service that aims to deliver the best results, and therefore the highest customer satisfaction.

Your memorable bike tour winds its way through the picturesque scenery of the Tuscan hills, the ancestral atmospheres of ancient villages, the amazingly panoramic roads overlooking the shores of beautiful sea, the indescribable beauty of the lakes of Lombardy and the challenging climbs to Alpine Passes, scene of epic battles of the Tour of Italy.

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Luca Ruggeri

Founder and Tour Guide, was born and grew up in the heart of the Alps, surrounded by the most famous Alpine Passes: Mortirolo, Gavia, Stelvio. This spectacular natural environment was the background to his passion for all types of cycling.

In 2007 he qualified as Mountain Bike Instructor and Guide and has taken part in numerous competitions in road cycling, mountain biking and enduro biking.

Mountaineer and climber, since 1997 he has worked as a volunteer and provided technical assistance with the National Alpine Rescue Corps; he was Head of the Edolo team for 3 years.

He has gained considerable experience as guide/tour manager traveling throughout Europe, Canada and North Africa but, due to previous work experience and for personal interest he has a far-reaching and detailed knowledge of the roads, highways and byways of Italy where he has been travelling by car, by motorbike, by mountain bike and in particular by road bike all his life.

Within the team he deals with choosing routes, preferring, where possible, picturesque roads with less traffic and the provision of any technical assistance and repairs required to make sure you face each day’s ride full of confidence.

His goal is to make your tour enjoyable and memorable.

Richi Perlotti

45 years old, married, three daughters, passionate about bike until I was young.

When I was young my holiday was in a bike, so, carry in my bag, tent and sleeping bag and go to see the world.. I was being in Corsica, Austria, Croazia, Sardinia, Dolomiten Alps and the lake of Garda, always with my girlfriend, now became my wife.

Cycle tourism is the best way to visit new places, because you can perceive the morphology of the landscapes around you, feeling the flow of the time and the day like anything else, I feel part of the world, and nothing is better than start the day on my bike.

My family grew, we became 5, so, stop for few years cycle tourism, and I have started to do randonneur, always with the spirit of travel and discovery, I did 2 Paris Brest Paris, Valtellina Extreme Brevet and many others brevets of 200, 300, 400, and 600 Kilometers.. the excuse to get on the saddle and travel independently to discover new places and people with the same passion.

I think that none of our small daily sufferings resist to a good ride

My dream life?.. world tour in bike ! May be one day…..

Michela Zaina

Co-founder and tour manager with a passion for caving, climbing and travelling.

She has gained considerable experience with nationally renowned tour operators as head of group organization/management and hotel quality manager. Thanks to this experience she deals with choosing the best accommodation, preferring hotels/agritourisms run by local families to ensure a strong link with the culture and traditions of the area as well as high quality standards.

Together with Luca she deals with management and personal contact with clients.

Sara Romelli

Sara is a licensed English & French speaking Tour Leader and Translator; she can boast 10 years of experience and professionalism on tour guiding, in Italy and abroad.

In 2006, she graduated in Linguistic & Cultural Mediation at the University of Milan and she immediately moved to Florence; here, after attending the relevant specialization course, she obtained her Tour Leader License.

Since then, thanks to the collaboration with several important Italian Tour Operators, she works around Italy, Europe and the World, and she intends to devote her lifetime to the best job in the world. Because the best education she has ever received is through travel and a constant dialogue and confrontation with different cultures and ideas, and her hunger for learning is insatiable.

She really loves her territory and her primary goal is to transmit her passion to all the people wishing to discover the incomparable beauty of her country where nothing is trivial and every corner is a surprise: Italy offers you everything you may desire: history, art, culture, music and food traditions which have made it famous all over the world.

Her philosophy of life is perfectly expressed by the following quote by Mark Twain.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

So, why don’t you come with her to the discovery of breathtaking and unforgettable places? After this amazing experience together, both your and Sara’s life will be enriched by indelible and precious memories to preserve forever.

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